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Training Opportunities

Free Peer Support and Resiliency Classes

Free In-Person and Virtual Peer Support & Resiliency Training

The Ohio Fire Chiefs Association was awarded a federal grant to provide Peer Support Trainings throughout the state of Ohio. They have partnered with the IAFF to host 10 Peer Support and 8 Resiliency Classes in 2024. There is no cost to the participant, and some availability to reimburse for mileage for those who travel to an in-person training.
Additionally, these trainings are available for free to all first responders in Ohio.

In Person Training

Online Training

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Helping Members in Recovery

Helping Members in Recovery is an awareness level training for fire service personnel who want to support a member that is currently engaged in or has recently completed treatment for...

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Safety Planning Intervention for Suicide Prevention

The Safety Planning Intervention for Suicide Prevention training covers how to complete the Safety Planning Intervention with fire fighters who have made a suicide attempt, reported thinking about suicide or...

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Disaster Response Peer Support

The Disaster Response Peer Support training has been developed in the context of more frequent and more severe natural and man-made disasters affecting the fire service. Trained peer supporters will...

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Anger Management Training for Fire Service Members

The Anger Management Training for Fire Fighters: A National Project to Improve Fire Fighter Health training was developed to aid in the reduction of anger management issues among fire service...

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Behavioral Health Awareness

The goal of the Behavioral Health Awareness course is to educate IAFF members on behavioral health issues encountered in the fire service. The course provides an overview of common behavioral...

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Counseling on Access to Lethal Means

Reducing access to lethal means, such as firearms and medication, can determine whether a person at risk for suicide lives or dies.

This course is about how to reduce access...

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Fire Hero – Peer Support Programs for the Fire Service

The stresses of firefighting combined with the demands of everyday life affect all firefighters, some more profoundly than others, and more deeply at some times than others. The NFFF would...