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Scott Holland bio picture

Scott Holland

Scott Holland is a Lieutenant with the Sharonville Fire Department. He began his career in Sharonville as a volunteer firefighter in 1999 and eventually became a career firefighter when the department transitioned to full-time in 2003. He has first-hand experience of how quick and effortlessly the fire service will unite around a colleague in need. After witnessing the outpouring of support for himself and others over the years, he sought out a way to give back.
Serving those who serve others was something he witnessed that needed immediate improvement. With the assistance of Local 4498, Scott pursued peer support training through the IAFF and OAPFF consequently, developing a department wide peer support team. He continues to bring awareness to the effects that on-the-job stress can have on its member’s both short and long term. He believes sharing our individual stories will help break down stigma while at the same time build mental and emotional resilience.