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Scott Elliot Bio Picture

Scott Elliott

Scott began his career with Cambridge in 2000, and currently serves the department as an Assistance Chief. He has been involved in public safety in the capacity of a volunteer, medic, and firefighter for more than thirty years. He was honored to have been asked to participate in the first peer training provided by the OAPFF several years ago. Learning more about mental health and how to help others deal with their issues and guide them towards the assistance they need has been a rewarding experience.

Our family relationships are first and foremost, but the effects and experiences of the job/work family can spill over into home life and affect the ones we hold most dear. Alcohol and substance abuse are prevalent in the fire service and few of us can say that we have not been affected by it.

If you are having trouble getting a handle on your issues, Scott is willing to listen and help you acquire the assistance you need.