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Ryan Sullivan bio picture

Ryan Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan is a dedicated public servant passionate about helping others on the front lines and behind the scenes. Currently serving as a Fire Department Captain in the Jackson Township Fire Department, located in Stark County, Ohio, Ryan brings over a decade of experience in the fire service, having commenced his journey in 2006. In addition to his role in firefighting, Ryan serves as a Critical Care Paramedic for the renowned Cleveland Clinic Critical Care Transport team.
Outside of his professional responsibilities, Ryan finds fulfillment in his roles as a devoted husband and father of three, residing in the serene landscapes of rural Ohio. Within the folds of family life, Ryan draws strength and inspiration to continue his tireless efforts in serving his community.
However, Ryan's commitment extends beyond the physical demands of his roles. As a member of the OAPFF (Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters) Peer Support Team, Ryan is deeply invested in addressing first responders' mental health challenges. Having navigated his journey, Ryan understands the profound impact of stigma and internalized emotions.
Empowered by personal experiences, Ryan endeavors to dismantle these barriers by fostering a culture of openness, support, and understanding within the firefighting community. Trained as an IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters) peer support provider, Ryan actively engages in education and training initiatives focused on first responder behavioral health. Above all, Ryan's mission is to guide his peers toward recognizing their inherent resilience and the many avenues available for healing and growth. By sharing his story and extending a compassionate hand, Ryan hopes to illuminate the path toward wholeness and well-being for all who serve on the front lines.