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Richard Trask bio picture

Richard Trask

Rick “Tiny” Trask is a paramedic with Athens County EMS and current president of IAFF local 5126. Rick has been a paramedic for 33 years with a total of 37 years of service in the fire/EMS industry. Rick has served as a junior firefighter and volunteer firefighter/EMT with the Sugar Grove PA VFD prior to moving to Ohio to attend Hocking Technical College in Nelsonville where he is currently the Clinical Coordinator and EMS instructor. Rick Also teaches ACLS, PALS, and BLS at The Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Athens.
Growing up with a rough childhood filled with bullying among other things Rick found a sense of purpose being involved in the fire service at whatever capacity there was a need. With all of the childhood issues and several years of adding complex PTS from the job Rick found himself struggling to cope. In November of 2020 Rick found himself in cohort #160 at “Save-A-Warrior”, a program for military members and first responders who are struggling with their mental health. “I look forward to assisting wherever there is a need”. Rick wants to be as helpful as possible to his brothers and sisters by helping stop the stigma of mental health issues in the fire service as well as creating a safe space for those contemplating suicide as a solution. Rick became an IAFF trained Peer Supporter in the fall of 2022 and serves the OAPFF as a Fifth District peer team member. He also continues as a member of the peer team for L5126.
Rick and his wife Jessica, who is also a paramedic and former member of local 5126, met in 1993 and married in 1995. They have one son Gabriel, his wife Kayla and 2 amazing grandchildren Zaylee and Theo.