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Jim Burneka bio picture

Jim Burneka

I’m a recently retired Dayton FF/PM. I was the Health & Safety/Peer Support Coordinator for Dayton Firefighters Local 136 before I retired. I live in Beavercreek with my wife Lauren, and two boys Jameson, & Logan. I’m an avid concert goer and sports junky. I enjoy playing old school Nintendo games and still watch hours of Pro Wrestling each week. My participating in sports has been whittled down to disc golf and belly flops off the diving board.

I’ve had my own struggles in the past including a 40-day stint at our IAFF Center of Excellence as well as participating in Save a Warrior Cohort # 0147. It’s no coincidence that I’m still here and able to be of service to you. I’m happy to lend an ear and assist in guiding you to the appropriate resource. I understand how hard it can be to pick up that phone and admit that you need help. I can tell you that as hard as it was to admit I needed help; it was the best thing that I could have ever done.