The IAFF Resiliency Training is designed for 40 in-person participants (or 25 students in the virtual format). Through a combination of self-assessment, didactic instruction, group discussion and video, participants will gain an essential foundation for personal resiliency on and off the job.


The IAFF Resiliency Training includes two components: pre-course content and classroom content. Pre-course content includes an individual resiliency assessment completed online, followed by a one-hour video series on organizational resiliency. Classroom content will focus on six key concepts to gain resiliency building skills that can be applied both on and off the job.

The IAFF Resiliency Training will teach you to:

  • Assess your current level of individual resiliency
  • Respond to stress with positive, flexible thinking
  • Increase positive social interactions on and off shift
  • Experience more positive emotions during your day
  • Manage stress through tactical breathing, meditation and mindfulness
  • Challenge personal and occupational barriers to good nutrition and exercise
  • Build meaning and purpose in your daily life through spirituality


In-Person Trainings

Trainings are hosted by an IAFF local or affiliated fire department. Because host sites typically choose to limit attendance to their own IAFF local or neighboring departments, the upcoming training schedule is not posted online.

Occasionally, a host site has space available for outside participants. The IAFF maintains a list of those who have expressed interest in learning when class openings occur. Notification is typically sent to the list within a few weeks of the training date.

Individuals who want to participate in the training at another host site must: (1) obtain the approval of their local president; (2) register and communicate directly with the host point of contact; and (3) be responsible for travel expenses and any registration fee charged by the host.

Sign up to be placed on the IAFF Resiliency Support Training Contact List.

Virtual Trainings

There are two ways to attend a virtual training:

  • Through Your Organization:
    The IAFF Virtual Resiliency Training can be hosted by an IAFF local or affiliated fire department, and participation in the training is limited to those the host organization invites. If your local or department is interested in hosting a virtual training, please complete the IAFF Virtual Resiliency Training Request Form and email it to
  • As An Individual:
    The IAFF Virtual Resiliency Training will also be hosted by IAFF headquarters on limited number of dates. These trainings are open to all IAFF members and fire service personnel. Check back here for upcoming training dates or sign up here to be notified of scheduled trainings.