Please note that only IAFF-trained Peer Support providers will have access to this course.


The Disaster Response Peer Support training was developed as a result of more frequent and more severe natural and man-made disasters. The training provides peer supporters with information on how disasters contribute to behavioral health problems and how to intervene. Participants will learn the importance of promoting five key concepts: safety, calming, efficacy, connectedness and hope.

The goal of the program is to:

  • Describe how disasters can contribute to behavioral health problems.
  • Identify how peer support after a disaster is different than a typical peer support call or activity.
  • List the multiple roles involved in providing peer support at a disaster area.
  • Apply five principles that should guide all disaster responses.
  • Identify self-care activities for peer supporters before, during, and after deploying to a disaster area.
  • List available IAFF resources for disaster relief.

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