OAPFF PEER Supporter

Mindy Gabriel
Phone: 614-348-0271
Mindy Gabriel

Mindy Gabriel currently serves as Fire Fighter/Paramedic for the Upper Arlington Fire Division. Mindy has been in the fire service for the past 15 years. She has been very active in the development of the CISM/Peer team in Upper Arlington and serves as the team coordinator. Mindy recently helped select her department’s first chaplain. She believes that we all need to take care of one another because this job is tough on you. She can’t imagine doing a different career but it is not always easy balancing the demands of work and family.

Mindy is married to a fire fighter and has 3 young children. To keep the stress from getting the best of her, she loves to travel, hike, run, garden, and read. She encourages you to ask for help and reach out if you need to talk. Mindy has experienced great highs and low on this journey and she think talking to a trusted individual that really understands where you are coming from can really help. When you are going through a tough time, even with everyone all around you at work, it can feel like a lonely place. If you need to talk, she is here to listen.

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